CSR Activities


Orientation on basic labor law:

First Aid: We arrange group discussion/training once in a month with the first aiders. First aiders always make orientation with the new comers.

Fire Awareness: We arrange group discussion and practical training once in a month with the fire fighters and once in every six month arrange training with external or BGMEA. Fire drill also maintain once in a month.

Maternity leave with facilities: As per local law we follow maternity leave with facilities.

Day care facility: We have day care facility along with food during factory schedule.

Transport: We provide free of cost transport among the employees.

Attendance Bonus: Followed regular basis.

Festival Bonus: 02 festival bonuses are applicable for one year old employees.

Dining space: We decorated 4,000 sq. ft for our workers.

Vision Spring - See Well, Do Well

Our Vision Spring project was launched through VF Asia Ltd. from 23rd April to 16th May back in 2018. The aim of this project was to make the employees aware of any problems they might have had with their eyesight. In the duration of this event, 3900 out of 4350 employees of that time had their eyesight checked and 3700 were provided with glasses with their respective eye power.

BSR Her Project – Empowered Women, Dignified Work, Better Business

“The Change Associate” team from “Her Project” launched a project on behalf of VF Asia Ltd. that was especially beneficial for the female employees of the company. 115 women, called the Shasthyo Shokhi, were trained with six regular training sessions and six refresher training sessions who in turn trained all the other female workers in the factory. As a result of the training, the women became aware of the treatment of different illness and diseases, while also being enlightened on how to maintain a better lifestyle. The objective of this session was to keep them strong, both mentally and physically. The most recent training that took place was on the 14th of July, 2019.

Sanitary Napkin for Women from ACI

With the initiative of the Factory Welfare Department, the factory keeps sanitary napkins in stock that the female employees can buy in cases of emergency. They restock every month according to the numbers needed.

Birthday Celebrations for Day Care

Birthdays of the children at the daycare are celebrated once every three months and all costs are jointly taken care of by the factory & factory CSR Advisor.

Annual Picnics

A picnic is hosted every year for all the employees.

Free Milk at DayCare

Free milk is provided to the children at the daycare on daily basis.

HBsAg Check-Up – Filaria Hospital

Occasionally, the medical team at the Filaria Hospital came to our factory and, along with our medical staff, did a check-up for any HBsAg patients in our factory, as well as to provide with medical advice or help. Even though no patients were found, regular check-ups still continue.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test - Nari O Shishu Hospital

A Tuberculosis (TB) Test program was been carried out by the Center for Women & Children Health (CWCH) from the Nari o Shishu Hospital under the close supervision of Factory Welfare and Administration Department back in 2016. Almost 95% of employees had taken the opportunity to take the test. 8 employees, who were found to be affected are currently under treatment.

Hand Wash Facility – BSF NGO

Initially, liquid handwashes were provided to the factory by an NGO named BSF two years ago when the Factory Welfare Department department communicated with them. After the first three months of buying soap dispensers from them, they have continued the practice till date.

Birthday Celebrations of All Workers

Birthdays of every worker is celebrated on every floor of the company, all expenses covered by the company, once every three months.

Food for Pregnant Women - Providing Nutritional Food for Pregnant Women

Milk and egg are provided to pregnant workers at the company once a week.


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